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What you can do with QHOME

Feel the Size

Just by looking at a floor plan, or even a 3D reproduction of a room, it is hard to get a feel for the size of it. With QHOME, you can walk around and experience a 3D model through VR simulation, and see the size by yourself.

View the Scenery

Will the view from your living room be as you imagined it to be? Is the window size and positioning going to be just right? To avoid these kind of worries, you can use AR to simulate the views beforehand.

Confirm the Visibility

Can you imagine how the view from upstairs, or from the kitchen to the dining room is going to be like? With QHOME, you can walk around inside a 3D model, and confirm the view from the places and angles that you'd like.


Available on iPhone and iPad

App Store

For Business

How to use QHOME for your business


There's no need for special equipment to use QHOME. Download the free app and use it. QHOME has been already used for real business.

Using Existing Data

You can use existing model data if your 3D modeling software or 3D CAD can export COLLADA (.dae) files. Import your data into the app by following these steps.

AVAILABLE ON iPhone / iPad

QHOME is available on iPhone and iPad on which ARKit can run. Because it can be installed into your clients' iPhone, it is possible for them to run QHOME in their home and compare proportions.

Sharing Data with Your Clients

It is possible to share model data from app to app directly using AirDrop. On meetings with your clients, let them install the app from App Store to their own devices and share the data.

Import Models

How to import models to the app


1. Make a COLLADA file

Make a 3D model with the COLLADA (.dae) format. Most 3D modeling software can export a model to a COLLADA file.

Converting models

2. Convert the data for QHOME

Generate a QHOME file from a COLLADA file using QHOME Maker . Drag and drop a COLLADA onto QHOME Maker(Currently available on Mac only)

Importing models

3. Import models to QHOME

AirDrop or iTunes File Sharing is available to import models to the QHOME app. Models imported to QHOME can be sahred directly from app to app using AirDrop in their settings page.


4. Settings for Models

Configure the settings of imported models on the QHOME app. Default position, direction, unit of the coordinates and so on can be configured.

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